Close Protection Training

Are you looking to acquire your SIA Close Protection Licence and work as a Bodyguard? This is an incredible career choice for beginners as well as ex-armed forces and police personnel. Working as a Bodyguard is exciting and truly energizing. There are various career options for Close Protection Operatives including:

What would you be able to earn as a Close Protection Officer?

Getting a Close Protection Licence is a serious commitment of time and money – once qualified Close Protection officers can make from somewhere in the range of£250 to £400 a day, depending on your assigment, experience, risk of the job and how you negotiate with your employer.

Obtaining a Close Protection qualification is the initial step towards getting a SIA Licence to work as a Close Protection Officer (CPO). If you are looking to work a bodyguard, this is the correct and appropriate course for you.

Throughout your SIA Close Protection training, we’ll walk you through the process, providing all necessary training and materials to assist you get your CPO SIA security licence. Let’s talk today to know more…